playlists 08/09

NEXT TRANSMISSION: 21.30 Resonance FM.

broadcasts and mixes are archived at Exotic Pylon.

playlist 22/08/09
The Be Colony- Broadcast & The Focus Group (from Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age on Warp Records)
Father Murphy- Ran out of fuel and a viper just bit me
Father Murphy- So you now have to choose between my two [black] lungs

Adam by Buffy Sainte Marie (from Illuminations on Vanguard)
Andromeda by Harry Thumann (from Andromeda on Hansa)
Hiking Metal Punks by Darkthrone (from Dark Thrones & Black Flags on Peaceville)
Underglass by OLD (from Formula on Earache)
Father Murphy- I sob no more rage
Father Murphy- We were colonists

Over The Green Hills (BBC Session) by Free (from Tons Of Sobs: Remastered on Island)
Mute Force by T.I.T.S. (from Second Base on Upset The Rhythm)
Valley Of The Gods by The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra (from Chariots Of The Gods OST on Polydor)
Cloudburst On Shingle Street by Thomas Dolby (from The Golden Age Of Wireless: Collector’s Edition on EMI)
Father Murphy- Go Sinister!
Father Murphy- We now pray with two hands, we now pray with true anger

Computer Complex by Luke Vibert (from We Hear You on Planet Mu)
Aspirations by Gentle Giant (from The Power & The Glory on Vertigo)
Lazy Ways by 10cc (from How Dare You! on Mercury)
Travels In Nihilon by XTC (from Black Sea on Virgin)
Father Murphy- In their graves/”At that time i guess we misunderstood”


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