playlists 05/09

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broadcasts and mixes are archived at Exotic Pylon.

Playlist 23/05/09:
The Caretaker
Cannibal Ox- The Iron Galaxy
Tortoise- High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In (Beacons of Ancestorship- )
Siouxsie & The Banshees- Playground Twist (Live at the BBC-)
The Caretaker
spatial – Low and Feary [polymorphic]
False Prophet – Wake Up (spatial rework) [forthcoming on ??]
Badawi – More Of The Same (spatial dub) [forthcoming on The Index]
spatial – 70707 [infra001]
spatial – 81012 [infra002]
Badawi – More Of The Same (spatial dimension intrusion) [forthcoming
on The Index]
ERDBEERSCHNITZEL – Drehundangelpunk (spatial rework)
spatial – 90203 [dub]

Anti Pop Consortium – Ghostlawns (Arrythmia- Warp)
King Midas Sound – I Dub (Dub Heavy Hearts & Ghosts- Hyperdub)
James Blake – Air and Lack Thereof (HEK04- Hemlock Recordings)
Robert Ashley – The Wolfman (Source Records 1-6, 1968-1971- Pogus)

Playlist 16/05/09:

Current 93 – Invocation Of Almost – Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain (Coptic Cat)
Time Attendant- part i
Eric Chenaux – Worms And Gear – Dull Lights (Constellation)
Goatsnake – A Truck Load Of Mama’s Muffins  – Flower Of Disease (Rise Above)
Linda Perhacs- Parrallelograms
Rudimentary Peni – No More Pain – No More Pain (Himalayan)
Lungfish – Hear The Children Sing – Love Is Love (Dischord)
Time Attendant- part ii
Rites Of Spring – For Want Of – Rites Of Spring (Dischord)
Wolves In The Throne Room – Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog – Black Cascade (Southern Lord)
Tartufi – Fear Of Tall Giraffes, Fear Of Some Birds – Nests Of Waves And Wire (Southern)
Nancy Wallace – The Drowned Lover – Old Stories (Midwich)

Playlist 09/05/09:
pylon condensation
Desmond Leslie- Mercury, Fleet Messenger of The Gods (Music of The Future- Trunk)
Rocketnumbernine- The Bow and The Arrow (You Reflect Me- )
Meandrethals- Kunst or Ars (Desire Lines- )
Staff Brenda Billi- Sala Keba (Tres Tres Fort)
King Midas Sound- Too Long Dub (Dub Heavy Hearts and Ghosts EP- Hyperdub)
FaltyDL- To New York (Love is a Liability- Planet Mu)
Ariel Pink- Helen (Haunted Grafitti)
The Present- Space Meadow (The Way We Are- LOAF Recordings)
Slumberwood- Yahoo (Yawling Night Songs-)
Julie London – Cry Me a River (Julie is Her Name-)
Boxctter- Otherside Remix (Earth is My Spaceship) (Arecibo Message- Planet Mu)
Clark- Farewell Mining Town (Growls Garden- Warp)
The Present- Saltwater Trails (The Way We Are- LOAF Recordings)
Jono El Grande- Neo Dada (Neo Dada- )
Gravious- The World of Tomorrow (The Futurist EP- Highpoint Lowlife)
Tigrics & Friskfisk- Kuon (Brokenret (Friskfisk Remixes)- Highpoint Lowlife)
Sylvester Anfang- The Devil Always Shits in the Same Grave (part ii) (Sylvester Anfang ii)



4 Responses to “playlists 05/09”

  1. how can i download the mix?!

  2. sorry joao- i’m tidying all this up- go to and then select radio archive and the download is there- everything is being built so it will all make sense soon



  3. Hi there, the spatial remix of Wake Up is forthcoming on Take Records. It should be in shops mid october.

    For more info please see our website

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