playlists 03/09

Playlist: 28/03/09
DJ Scud & Nomex- Total Destruction
Yo Majesty- Fucked Up (Domino)
Public Enemy- Welcome to The Terrordome
Novalima- Conchaperla
Alice Coltrane- Universal Consciousness
Obeman Knocks- 13th Smallest (shredded and blended)
Alva Noto- Xerrox Sora
Novalima- Liberta
Inga Tillerra- Radio Joy Soundscape (featuring The Restoration Workshop of Unprecedented Feelings, Robert Ashley and Johny Brown)

Playlist: 21/03/09
Les Maledictus Sound- Kriminal Theme (Midnight Massiera- Finder Keepers Reocrds)
Two Fingers- Straw Man feat. Sway (Two Fingers on Big Dada)
Abdul Hussein Khan Shahnazi- Homayon (Open Strings- 1920’s Middle Eastern Recordings-Honest Jons)
Tony Lionni- Found a Place (Berghain 03- part 1- Ostgut Ton)
2000F & Jkmata- You Don’t Know What Love Is (HDB018- Hyperdub)
Extra Life- Blackmail Blues (Secular Times- LoAF Recordings)
Circulus- ‘Til We Meet Merry Again (A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism Island- Lo Recordings)
Mick Beck- Impossible to Say (Life Echoes- Discus)
Atom TM- WeiBes Rauschen/ Wellen Und Felder I/ Wellen Und Felder II (Liedgut- Raster-Norton)
The Invisible- OK (The Invisible- Accidental Records)
Shitmat- Illegal Soundz of The Vibe (One Foot in the Rave- Planet Mu)
Moondog- Improvisation (More Moondog/ The Story of Moondog- Honest Jons Records)
Secret Circuit- Roll (Milky Disco 2: Let’s Go Freak Out- Lo Recordings)
Two Fingers- That Girl feat. Sway & Kevin Tuffy (Two Fingers- Big Dada)
Michael Flower- Lake of Fire (Open Strings- Honest Jons Records)
Venetian Snares- Kakarookee Hates Me (Filth- Planet Mu)
AGF/Delay- Most Beautiful (Symptoms- BPitch Control)
Sami Chawa- Eerabi Fil Sahra (Open Strings- Honest Jons Records)
Exercise One- 1994 (In Cars We Rust- Mobilee)

Playlist: 14/03/09
Belbury Poly- The Hidden Door
Moondog- Autumn
Extra Golden-
Malakai- Shitkicker
Caroline Weeks- Oh, sleep forever in the Latmian Cave
Extra Golden
Moderat- A New Error
Roy Chicago- Olubunmi
Hector & Bryant- Tension (Appleblim & Tourettes Remix)
Moondog- Organ Rounds
The Long Lost- Sibiliance
Extra Golden-
Remano Eszildin
Maayan Nidam- La Noche De Ayer
Douglas Wood- Moon Nightclub
Extra Golden-
LD- Woodblock


Playlist: 07/03/09
Jonny lovecraft
Zomby- Spaceman
F Afzelius- Cosmic Blues
Shackleton- Shortwave (Pole Remix)
Herman’s Rocket- Space Woman
Data70- Tropic of Cancer
Blevin Blectum- Cygnet
Atom TM- Funksignal
Mayor’s Dance Band- Bere Boto
Data70- Delay in Glass
Human League- Love Action
Blistrap Live Session
Symbiosis Orchestra- Live at Fabbricaeuropa, Florence 1
Etta James- At Last
LD- Traumatic Times
Kode9- Too Far Gone
Hell- U Can Dance (featuring backing vocals by Bryan Ferry)


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