playlists 09/09

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playlist 26/09/09
Reptillian Space Beings Shapeshifting Bloodsucking Vampires – Eric Copeland (from Alien In A Garbage Dump on Paw Tracks)
Chercez La Femme – Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band (from Disco Discharge – Classic Disco on Harmless)
Mister Taylor’s Trousers – Dolly Dolly
Some Explaining- position normal (from position normal on position normal)
A Quiet Moment- Broadcast and The Focus Group (from Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age on Warp)
I See, So I See So- Broadcast and The Focus Group (from Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age on Warp)
You Must Wake- Broadcast and The Focus Group (from Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age on Warp)
Track 04- Edward Williams (from Life on Earth: Music from the 1979 BBC TV Series on Trunk Records)
Tombstones and Tranquilizers- Dolly Dolly
Rejoice! He Is Here – Roj (from The Transactional Dharma Of Roj on Ghost Box)
What Is House? (LFO Remix) (Original by LFO)- Autechre (from Warp 20 (Recreated))

Digi Design – Joker (on Hyperdub)
Vultures down on an animal carcass in the short grass plains – KK Null/Chris Watson/Z’ev (from Number One on Touch)
Who Said Peacock Pie – Moon Wiring Club
Hydro Electric – De Wolfe (from Power Source)
Deaths Not Your Friend – Wooden Shjips (from Vol 1 on Holy Mountain)
Bordunal – Marhaug and Asheim (from Grand Mutation on Touch)
Corteme – Eight Frozen Modules (from Crumbling and Responding)
Edvard G of Lewis – The Kingdoms of Elgaland and Vargaland (on Ash International)

True Enemies And False Friends- klimek (from Movies Is Magic on Anticipate/ Kompakt)
Mechanical Life- Glass Ghost (from Idol Omen on Western Vinyl & Glass Ghost)
You Rascal,You- The Blue Lyres (from Pennies From Heaven-Original BBC TV Serial Soundtrack on BBC Recordings)
Quite Buttery- Count Bass D feat. Doom (from Unexpected Guests on Gold Dust)
Joy Fantastic (Featuring Olivier Daysoul)- Hudson Mohawke (from Butter on Warp)
Komit- Dieter Moebius (from Kram on Klangbad)
Forgotten- Gatekeeper (from Optimus Maximus on Fright)
Aquamarine- Pentatonik (from A Thousand Paper Cranes on Hydrogen Dukebox)

playlist 19/09/09
Harvestman- Carved in Aspen (from In Dark Tongues on Neurot Recordings)
Gatekeeper- Optimus Maximus (from Optimus Maximus on Fright)
Luc Ferrari & jonny mugwump- Dialogue ordinaire avec la machine ou trois fables pour bande document philosophique (from L’oeuvre Electonique on GRM)
Position Normal- Fart in a Bottle (from Position Normal 2 on Position Normal)
Clark- Rainbow Voodoo (from Totem’s Flare on Warp Records)
Roj- Bongo Workout (from The Transactional Drama of Roj on Ghost Box)
Circulations- Mount Zermatt (in dub) (from Gesellschaft Zue Emanzipation Des Samples on Faitiche)
Exceptor- Pismo Pool (from Black Beach on Paw Tracks)
Mira Calix and Oliver Coates- In  A Beautiful Place Out in the Country (from Warp Recreated on Warp Records)
Tickley Feather- Roses of Romance (from Hors D’Oeuvres on Paw Tracks)
Thomas Koner- 45 26 N 12 20 E Hour Three (from La Barca on Fario)
Roj- What I Saw (from The Transactional Drama of Roj on Ghost Box)
Jega- Dreams (from Variance on Planet Mu)
S.E.V.A.- Back to Sleep Back (by Ark) (from Snuggle and Slap on Circus Company)
Mordant Music- Seeing Death Thru Eric Gates (From SyMptonS on Mordant Music)
Anti-Pop Consortium- Volcano (from Fluorescent Black on Big Dada)
The Thing- Mystery Song (from Bag It! On Smalltown Superjazz)
Black Cobra- Glacies un Spiritu (from Chronomega on Southern Lord)
OOIOO- Hewa Hewa (from Arminico Hewa on Thrill Jockey)
Sax Ruins- Hyderomastgroningem (from Yawiquo on Ipecac)
Odd Nosdam- T.I.M.E. In (from T.I.M.E. Soundtrack on Anticon)
Sa Ra Creative Partnerships- Can I Get You Hi (from Nuclear Evolution: Age of Love on Ubiquity Records)
Dark Captain Light Captain- Questions (Hatchback Remix) (from Remix EP on Loaf Recordings)
Mungolian Jetset (feat Tom & Diane)- Creepy (from We Gave it All Away, Now We’re Taking it Back on Smalltown Supersound)

playlist 05/09/09:
alarmed & distressed duckling- lasse marhaug (from the blasting concept on smalltown superjazz)
tarwater- waterfight (from donna moi la main on gustaff records)
symbiosis orchestra- live at peam2005, ecoteca, pescara (from live journeys on baskaru)
alexis taylor- musical food (from rubbed out on treader)
thavius beck – violence (from dialogue on big dada)
daniele lombardi- three moods: ii grief (by Leo Ornstein) (from futurpiano on ltm)


pausal- place (revisited) (from pausal ep on highpoint lowlife)/ salvador dali- interview (from surrealism reviewed on ltm)
bizzy b & equinox- the brain crew v.i.p. (retrospective on planet mu)
julian lynch- garden 5 (from garden is adventure on buffalo songs)
vowels- swim pool (from the pattern prism on lo recordings)
vindicatrix- private places (mm & shackleton version) (from picking o’er the bones on mordant music)

blistrap & paul snowdon


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